Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anu, Bridget, Boinn, Eiru, Maebh, Macha, Tealta

SHE is calling you...
Come and awaken to the ancient Irish Goddesses. We are blessed with the heritage of our ancient Goddesses of Ireland who offer us a sacred way using the pre-Celtic wheel. Each point upon the wheel is held by a specific Goddess and with Her guidance we can open up to walk in consciousness and the spiral path of our life.
We will awaken to the presence of the deep and powerful feminine divine with stories, song, movement and imagery.

One day workshop
Date: April 18th 2010

Time: 10am to 5pm - ish

Place: Fionuisce, Bandon, Cork

Investment: €75, please bring lunch to share


Facilitator: Amantha Murphy – teaches “The Way of the Seabhean” & gives workshops on Ancient Irish Goddesses & pre-Celtic Shamanism throughout the country & in the US. For more information please go to